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You are not just gaining information – you are gaining an advocate. The Vanguard Visa Law team draws upon their extensive expertise in EB-1A cases to help talent visa holders stand up to an unjust system.

Who is this Course for?

For talented tech professionals holding Master's Degrees.

You don’t need a PhD to get an EB-1A. Did you know that our affiliate law firm, Vanguard Visa Law, mostly does EB-1A’s for Master’s degree holders in high-tech with a 90%+ success rate?

Why Choose Our EB-1A Profile Building Course?


Sameer Khedekar and the Vanguard Visa Law team bring a wealth of experience and knowledge, having successfully filed numerous EB-1A petitions.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our course covers all the essential elements of the EB-1A petition process, including leading/critical role, judging and compensation, authorship, media and awards, and more.

Real-World Success Stories

Our course has helped numerous highly-skilled immigrants to successfully navigate the EB-1A process and obtain their extraordinary ability visas.

Limited Cohort Size

To ensure personalized attention and guidance, we are capping class size per cohort.

Our Goal

To equip you with the tools, insights, and confidence you need to build an extraordinary profile that meets the high standards of the EB-1A petition. Together, we’ll help you transition from an environment of uncertainty to one of empowerment.

This is more than just a course. It’s a pathway to freedom. It’s your opportunity to break the chains of visa constraints and embrace a future full of extraordinary possibilities.

Take control of your destiny today. Apply for admission to our EB-1A Profile Building Course, and join the ranks of extraordinary immigrants who have successfully navigated the EB-1A petition process.

Course Schedule & Overview

By the end of this course, you will have:

Key Information

February 10 - March 16

Application due by: Jan 21, 2024

April 13 - May 18

Application due by: March 17, 2024

  • Opening Soon

June 1 - July 6

Application due by: May 12, 2024

  • Opening Soon

July 27 - August 31

Application due by: July 7, 2024

  • Opening Soon

September 7 - October 12

Application due by: August 18, 2024

  • Opening Soon

November 2 - December 16

Application due by: October 13, 2024

  • Opening Soon

Leading/Critical Role

This class will explain in great detail what USCIS expects to see for the leading/critical role category. At the end of this class, you will have the content needed for winning reference letters. We will also provide you with sample, redacted letters taken from approved cases and a list of other documents you will need to show how you qualify for this category.

Judging and Compensation

These two categories are the lowest-hanging fruit for EB-1A applicants. In this class, not only will we explain exactly what USCIS is looking for, we will engage you in exercises to identify and locate the most helpful and relevant judging opportunities, and will teach you how to determine if your compensation is enough to be considered “extraordinary”.

Unlock Scholarly Success: Meeting the EB-1A Authorship Criterion

This class provides in-depth training on how to effectively author scholarly articles, thereby showcasing your extraordinary ability in your field of expertise. We’ll guide you through practical writing strategies, publication avenues, and collaboration tactics, all aimed at bolstering your profile to meet the EB-1A’s stringent authorship criterion.

Making Your Mark: Meeting the EB-1A Original Contribution Criterion

This class is a dedicated component of our comprehensive EB-1A course designed to empower you to showcase your unique contributions in your field. We will walk you through how to articulate, document, and demonstrate your distinctive, pioneering work that significantly benefits your discipline. Our expert-led guidance and tools will help you build a compelling case for your original contributions, a crucial criterion for the EB-1A petition.

Shining in the Spotlight: Meeting the Media and Awards Criteria for EB-1A

This class is tailored to help you amplify your profile through media recognition and industry awards. It offers a deep dive into strategies for garnering significant media attention, alongside guidance on how to strategically pursue and document awards that demonstrate your extraordinary abilities. Through real-world case studies and practical tactics, we’ll show you how to navigate the media landscape and position yourself for prestigious accolades. By mastering these critical elements, you’ll be well-equipped to build a robust, compelling EB-1A petition that showcases your prominence in your field. Join us and learn how to transform your media presence and award successes into powerful testimonies of your extraordinary talent.

EB-1A Wrap-Up and Action Plans: Personalized Strategies for Success

This is a comprehensive finale to your journey through the EB-1A application process. In this session, we will revisit each applicant’s unique qualifications, highlighting the critical elements that fortify their potential for success. Leveraging the knowledge gained throughout the course, we will outline clear, actionable next steps tailored to each applicant’s case. This final class will not only equip you with a strategic roadmap for your EB-1A filing but also bolster your confidence as you approach this pivotal milestone in your career. Get ready to embark on your journey toward securing an EB-1A visa with a well-prepared and personalized plan of action in hand.

Take Control of
Your Destiny Today

We are offering a limited class size for this cohort. We will identify prospective students based on the promising capabilities highlighted in your resumes and applications and your resonance with our mission.

Apply by August 9, 2024




* $2000 will be credited to you if you choose to work with our affiliate law firm on your EB-1A


Founder & Managing Attorney

Sameer has been named one of the Top 20 Immigration Attorneys in the nation and is the co-author of Unshackled. He is a strong advocate of immigration reform for talent visa holders.

Success Stories

Transformed Lives Telling Us Inspiring Success Stories of Their Extraordinary Immigration Achievements.

Enrolling in these classes has been an absolute game-changer for me. The class agenda was very thoughtfully designed, covering both the fundamental principles and strategies engagingly.

Sameer’s unwavering support and availability both in and outside of the class helped tremendously. Also, the opportunity to network with like-minded people is huge. Many of us are still working together on building criteria.

Highly recommend these classes to anyone eager to start their EB1 Green Card journey.

Cybersecurity and Data Science Specialist

I had the privilege of enrolling in the Visa Virtuous course led by Sameer, and it was nothing short of exceptional. The curriculum was meticulously designed, offering a thorough understanding of the complexities of the EB-1A pathway in US immigration.

Sameer’s expertise and passion for the subject were palpable, making each session both enlightening and inspiring. His guidance with an extremely buoyant cohort made the overall experience very enriching.

The toolkit provided in the course also will help me in my career advancement tremendously. I am truly grateful and wholeheartedly endorse both the course and Sameer to anyone eager to delve into the EB-1A pathway for US immigration.


Sameer and his team have a solid understanding of the O1A criteria and application process. I realize now I only need to finish my book and I'll be more than ready to apply for my O1A. Thanks so much, Sameer and team. Love your innovation, love your work!

Founder and Management Consultant

I really appreciate how the sections are laid out and the class is organized. Super helpful. Every activity in the class is thought provoking…Thank you for your time and the invisible hard work that goes behind all of this effort.

Cloud Integration Manager

An excellent course for anyone who would like to understand the EB1 process and timelines as well as learn from the cohort. The weekly interaction with other group members is extremely helpful, providing direction to strengthen the profile for EB1.​

Program Manager

I appreciate how the sections are laid out and the drive to is organized. Super helpful. Every activity in the class is thought-provoking. Thank you for your time and the invisible hard work behind all of this effort.

Excellent, I loved it. I was learning from the best!

The classes and interactions have been great. The sessions include snippets from past EB-1A cases and highlight particular aspects of the EB-1A criteria. This helps students gain an understanding of an outlier vs a normal EB-1A process.

It is a fantastic course to gain insights into the EB1 process. Sameer and his team executed a well-organized and collaborative cohort. Thank you.


"Helped me build an extraordinary profile."

Kristin Watson

"Helped me build an extraordinary profile."

Theresa Webb

"Incredible support from Sameer and team."

Darlene Robertson

"Transformed my visa constraints into freedom."

Savannah Nguyen

"Best investment for my immigration journey."

Savannah Nguyen

"Best investment for my immigration journey."

Savannah Nguyen

"Best investment for my immigration journey."

Savannah Nguyen

"Best investment for my immigration journey."

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